Wow has it been raining a lot. All week to be exact. Yes we needed the rain but I think we have just about had enough. However one good thing has come of all this indoor weather, I’ve gotten to have some major time in my sewing room.Yippee!!! But first some fuel was needed so what tastes good on a yucky rainy day but leftover chicken and dumpling.yummm. I finished my four seasons swap so would anyone like a virtual picnic? Here goes. We have some Watermelon with some pesky ants,Some nice cold lemonade,some chicken ,hot dogs, and corn on the cob,

But wait we need some cooking utensils,and of course something to carry it all in,and Voila we have a picnic.I hope my partner likes it. I sure had fun making it. I also made some lounge pants this morning but have to wait for one of the little photographers to take a pic and I may have another pair done by then too. It’s someone’s birthday tomorrow so there is some secret present making going on. AHHH thank goodness for another rainy day but after today please let there be sun.