Wow this rainy week is just great for getting things done. I finished up the latest bag orders. I’m also putting the binding on my fours seasons quilt so Pic to come soon. The mailman brought these goodies yesterday. I’m so excited I just can’t decide which one to read first. Good thing we’re heading for the ocean next week so I can get some beach reading in. Do you see a theme? Three of the four are knitting stories and the one is quilting. I have a pair of socks going on the needles which may accompany me on vacation or else they won’t be done by winter. They’re on size zero needles so hopefully I will have a pair come cold weather. I now have everything for the most part caught up and just have to figure out what I want to bring on vacation to work on. The socks of course, a pattern for finger less gloves, and maybe some embroidery.  I hear a cup of tea calling my name and than I’m going to curl up and listen to the rain while sewing on the binding.