Ahh I can feel the relief that this rainy Monday has brought. Relief from having to water all my flowers and lawn. Relief to stay home and have a “quiet” day, or as quiet as you can with three kids, two dogs, and cat at home. The only relief I’m not feeling is from this hot/muggy spell we’re having. Thank goodness for Central Air. I have also gotten rid of some sewing stress and now have some relief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and my summer swap WILL be done in time and the three handbags on order WILL be finished this week. Thank you rainy Monday. Here’s one bag done and delivered, two more to go. It has crystals on it too but it’s hard to show in a pic. Here’s a sneak peak of my Summer Swap It’s getting there. I had a hard time with this since Summer to me means so many things. Swimming, Picnics, Beach, Boating. So of course what is the common thing with all of those? Food of course so I went with the Picnic Theme. My little one’s needed some outside time between rain storms and I needed a little sewing break so I was very entertained to watch them go “sledding” in the summertime.The other day little man had hooked up the boogie board to his four wheeler and attached his sister’s “Bitty Baby” high chair and all with a bungee cord and was whipping around the yard. I had to laugh since I immediately thought of a modern day Dennis The Menace. Not sure if anyone remembers the one scene from the movie but basically Dennis is towing a wagon behind his bike full of toys. Well my little man sure can be a little Dennis at times so it was pretty funny that he came up with that all on his own. If only he was wearing overalls that day. Back to some sewing since tomorrow looks like it may be a bit nicer. We leave for vacation next week so there is much to be done. UGH. I can feel my relief slipping away.