So I was able to finish my parents anniversary gift in time to take it to them last night. What do you give someone who has everything? Well they kept hinting they wanted napkins so this what they got. these from our garden and of course something sweet. Yummy Mug cake. I added conf. Sugar, fresh black raspberries from our garden and some pansies. Mom thought I got it at a local bakery. Nope. It took me all of five minutes to make. I had found the recipe over on another blog but here’s what it was.


4TBL Sugar

4TBL Flour

2TBL Cocoa

Mix well

Add 1Egg

3TBL Milk

3TBL Oil

Mix well microwave on high for 3min. Turn upside down onto plate and enjoy. I’m thinking of pouring some Ganache over it next time.

So after coming back home and putting the little ones to bed I needed some more therapy and had bought a new blouse pattern. Simplicity 4589 and figured I would use one of my sheets. WELL at this point it was about 11pm a little past my bedtime but figured whatever. This is what I ended up with.Extra Pieces. HMMM that’s not good. Apparently I was looking at the wrong top. I wanted C and looked at A. That’s ok though since the sewing police won’t be knocking on the door and most things can be fixed right? Here’s what last nights almost finished version was. Not bad but here it is in the light of day all done. I added some bias tape and voila. I can’t decide if I want to take in the sides some but it is pretty comfy the way it is. Next time maybe going down a size will fix that. That’s the only problem with patterns is figuring out the sizing. So today agenda is some sun time, and some time working on my summer swap. Happy Sun and Sewing!!