Wow another week has gone buy and I’m just getting around to posting.Yikes. Thankfully I do think things from here on out are going to get back to “normal”. So first the mail this week has been great. First I received this fantastic book just what I need MORE projects.Than I received my beautiful napkins from the swap.They are double sided and have already seen some use. The kids are totally into cloth napkins and lets be honest they feel so much better and of course look better too. As you may know the Summer Four Seasons Swap is almost coming to a close and I was lucky to receive mine a little early. I love it and the girls are already trying to figure out how to have it end up in there room That part is still up for discussion. I guess I better get my machine moving to get mine done but I still have a little time before the deadline so all is good. Here’s what came all the way from France.and some extra goodies too. In between drooling over all my parcels this little guy was practicing his parking. and than some afternoon camping was needed.You should have seen all the stuff they crammed in there. However while they were “camping” I was busy sewing up some bags for that home show I had. I ended up making five new ones which may contribute to why I’m exhausted today, plus our house-guest’s from New Zealand left yesterday. While we will miss them I’m glad to hopefully get back to some quieter times.(yea right) So back to the bags I had my show last night and sold four of the five new bags I had made up and some others that were in my “stash”. Plus some special orders that I will hopefully get to later this week. So here’s the newest bag that didn’t find a home last night but is now listed here yellow splendor

I love the way the light hits the crystals which of course you can’t tell by the photo. So today’s project is making some sort of anniversary gift for my parents which of course they are celebrating today. Well the day isn’t over yet. Of course some time was wasted at the car place because of an annoying noise an hour and a half was spent there with little man in tow. Yes that was fun times. So they told me they had to replace a back rotor thing and they covered it under warranty gee wasn’t that nice of them since my car is just two years old and only has 20,000 miles on it. So whatever it didn’t cost me anything but my precious time. Right? Well upon turning back on our street what do I hear but the same damn noise. You have got to be kidding me. So tomorrow I will be making another appearance back to the dealership and hopefully the guy I normally deal with will be there since this is the second time I have had to take it back when the person that was there today has helped me. I swear as no blog Deb can attest this is so my luck. So off to get some therapy via my sewing machine before the oldest has softball practice AGAIN. I’m counting the days till that’s over. As much as I enjoy watching her I think we are all getting a little burned out. Only one more tournament next week and were done. Thankfully we have this weekend off. Happy Sewing!!