Yea right!! Whoever said the statement didn’t have kids. While yes we are not on time schedules for the most part I don’t know if I would say we’re having lazy summer days. We have been busy swimming at Grammas pool, out on our boat, and of course had 5 yes 5 softball games from last Thursday until Sunday. They were nice enough to give us the fourth off but we had two games each day over the weekend. By the last game on Sunday I swear I could feel my skin sizzling even though I had applied ample amounts of sunscreen. We also had a family reunion on hubby’s side for his Grandfathers 90th birthday which was a lot of fun. I had made this for everyone to sign at the party and than we gave it to him. It thankfully was a big hit. Of course it went on the boat on the fourth so I could work on the binding than again after fireworks it came back out until about midnight and also got to go to a softball game so I could attach the label. This little pumpkin also turned 11on the  fifth. So we surprised her by picking up her BFF (on the left) and took them to Johnny Rockets for dinner where  of course she got entertained.

My kids haven’t gone to bed before 10:30 since last Tuesday so I’m looking forward to an early night tonight. Tomorrow we have guests coming from New Zealand to stay and of course the next tournament of softball starts so here comes another crazy week.  I still am enjoying the proverbial Lazy Days of Summer the girls go to art camp in the mornings and I have been enjoying hour long work-outs yup those who know me read correctly. All I have to say is I better start seeing some results soon because this body is a little sore. I have a bag party coming up next week so I must start working on making up some more and of course my summer swap. I also made the mistake of starting a new book by Emily Richards called Sisters Choice it”s part of series that involves quilting and I’m addicted. I even have a scarf for knitting that’s been coming to the field with me to keep me busy or I may go crazy. Hubby stays home with the two youngest because after awhile it just is to much for little man to handle and he gets into trouble. I think I get the better end of the bargain sitting watching my child play a sport having some adult conversation with other parents and knitting. Oh yea and big Iced Coffee in the cup holder of my chair. Not a bad deal. Of course if I could have a margarita and pass it off as mountain dew that would be A few Mom’s thought that would be fantastic but of course we can’t do that but theres always after the games to look forward. Hubby does come for the last little bit of the game with the other two in tow so it does all work out. This weekend however we may switch roles so I can some sewing done.  Happy July everyone I have a feeling it will be over before we know it but that means than we get to go to our annual spot in Maine. While I can’t wait I don’t want the summer to got too fast.