AHHHH all the things yummy and sweet can always be found in the summertime. So of course why not make up some of these to compliment those yummy edibles.Napkins of course made using my trusty new and fun serger. But wait don’t forget to whip up one of these too. Hopefully it will help catch some of those sweet summertime splatters. Cherries get me every time. This was my first attempt at pleats and a ruffle. I love how it turned out and hopefully it will be welcomed at it’s new home as well. More on that in a few days. While taking the kids out for breakfast the other morning we returned home to find this girl making herself comfy she’s very good at getting under quilts and making herself “appear” human. But isn’t she cute even if she got booted of the couch soon after the photo was taking. I’m plugging away at the signature quilt due Saturday and will have pics soon. It’s a little slower than I wanted since I managed to pull out the left side of my neck,shoulder,and back don’t know how I did it but thankfully Motrin is helping a little. Speaking of which I think it’s time for some more. I guess hubby is going to get to mow the lawn since there’s know way I can manage that task today, which honestly was first on my list. I just love how a lawn looks when freshly cut and I look at it as my work-out for the day since we have a decent size yard and the back lawn is on a little hill. I’m a little picky when it comes to mowing which must come from my parents ALWAYS having beautiful lawns and gardens. They still do and my flowers are taking shape slowly but with three kids and crazy schedules I like the more wild flower look which is a little easier to maintain and of course container flowers rock too.  I guess I must get back to the last pieced border and than it’s off to softball practice for the oldest good thing I love my suv since I feel like I live in it sometimes. But hey just think of all the fabric I can put in it when out for a day of shopping with the girls ooohh and we even have the carrier for the top.hehehe. I think my Sunday Stitchers and I could get into some trouble.