School is finally out and while we are settling into our summer routine it’s a little sad that my oldest will no longer go to the same school. She will be joining a new group of kids as they all enter the world of Middle School. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you don’t have a time schedule. We have had softball practice a few nights a week for two hours each so that screws up dinner time a little but that’s ok since the nights are a little less structured. In the last week we made aprons for one teacher and she also got a set of yellow napkins. One male teacher got a tie My first attempt at making one of these and I love how it came out. He also got a beach towel with his name embroidered on it as did the other male teacher. Forgot to take a pic of those since they were done the night before they were given. We have gone for many bike rides, enjoyed the local farmer market where we got these yummy’s and these we also had to buy some of these because they smelled so good. these came from my own garden and went nicely with the ones we bought. I had to make this yummy appetizer for the annual teachers luncheon that’s done on the last week of school. I kept a few for myself. SOOO GOOOD. I’ve made a few of these napkins while using my serger. I even enjoyed an night out with some quilting friends, no blog Deb and Lisa where I modeled my new blouse made on my serger. I even made this new beach bag. finished this ufo that I started back in the spring. Before/after felting I’m thinking summer is off to a good start. I just read the book Twenty Wishes By Debbie Macomber which I enjoyed. Next on my list is another apron, some more napkins, a wall-hanging that needs to be done by next Saturday for a 90th birthday party and my summer swap. Happy Summer it’s a rainy evening which is a good time for sewing and the kids are all tired from swimming in the pool all afternoon. Not a bad combination. Evening rain storm to water everything which saves me some time so thanks mother nature I now have more time for some sewing.