Serge attack=very similar to a panic attack. Who would have thought that this could bring on so much anxiety. I mean it ONLY has four different areas to thread and two needles and special tweezers to be used when threading to get thru those trouble spots.YIKES. Well I finally got the nerve up to try it last night, and you know what it really wasn’t that bad. UNTIL  I noticed that the thread on the far right had broken. Oh no, after some butterflies in my stomach I got out the trusty manual and followed the directions with shaky hands to re thread that bugger and it worked.WHEW. So I made some “test” napkins to see which way I liked better. These were done with a regular serger stitch. These last two were done using the rolled hem stitch. I used the thread that came with it until I noticed one was almost out and had to tie on a beige thread, it worked and I have successfully threaded two different locations on this baby. So I want to know what everyone thinks and which stitch if any would be nice on a napkin? I can’t wait to try out my serger on some clothing items. I also had another bag order yesterday afternoon and since school is coming to an end fast I stayed up until the wee hours to get it done so the little girl can have it in time to give to her teacher. Can you see the crystals they look so neat in the light. I hope she likes it. I know who the teacher is since she has subbed in my daughters classes before she filled the maternity position she is in now. I have made three of this style in the last week all for gifts so I will be on the look out while out and about to see if I can spot my bags. It always makes my day when this happens and the other night I spotted one with someone in target. Look out world sewstylish is up and coming.(at least I hope so)hehehe. Now I have to make my kids gifts for there teachers I think I feel a panic attack coming. Time for some Iced coffee and a sewing plan.