With the end of year field trips and chaos it feels like such a zoo. So here’s what we have been up to. Weather that hit 100 last week which was extremely hot for these parts and today the high is supposed to be in the 60’s which is a little cool for this time of year, so it appears mother nature is a little confused. We’ve had softball games which are now over except for our oldest which has made all-stars. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the best of the best in an age group play on a special team schools all around our area. It’s quite intense. So we will be spending LOTS of time at the ball field and hopefully we won’t have 100 degree weather to deal with. This is an extreme honor for her so we are very excited to cheer her on. Thankfully only one of the three made this.whew.

She made it on base with the next hit but it’s hard to get those action shots. I’ve also gotten some sewing done. We had to do a challenge for one of my guilds using this peacock fabric. Well I wasn’t very inspired and here’s what I came up with.There are some crystals on there but it’s hard to tell in the photo. Speaking of Peacocks my oldest and I went on her class field trip on Monday to the Bronx Zoo. We left at 6am and got back at 8:45pm. It was a LONG day but a GREAT day. We had some great Mother Daughter bonding time. I had never been to the zoo before and enjoyed it just as much as she did. Her favorite were these.My Favorite were the monkeys. You couldn’t help wonder what they were thinking.The swinging monkey didn’t want his picture taken and kept giving us these dirty looks and trying to hide in the trees.This was close enough for me to this big Cat. Look at the size of those paws. Yikes.Partners in crime mines on the left. It was also good that they all had to wear there graduation shirts so it was very easy to spot our groups.Aren’t these two adorable? Sharing a snack. Here’s another Mom and her baby.I can’t believe my baby is going into the Middle School. I’m a little a sad and have a feeling next week at 5th grade graduation there might be some tears. So here’s some more on the sewing front. Mr postman brought me these.My monthly fat quarters so bright and festive.This book I ordered off of Amazon because I want to make this quilt.It’s called a bulls-eye quilt and it’s done with raw edges. Very neat looking. Awhile back I was also asked if I would be interested in previewing a magazine from overseas so of course I said yes and here’s what I was sent.They both have some neat things in them and I was able to enjoy them while sitting on the bus for 3 1/2hrs on the way to the zoo. They are put out by Traplet Publications and I believe can be seen here Traplet. They are a British Magazine so very cool for us Americans. I have been cranking out purses for a wedding order, photos to come on that and of course the teachers gifts STILL need to be made.Yikes. I haven’t started my napkin swap yet but do know some of the fabrics I want to use so at least that’s a start and my four seasons quilt I have picked a pattern so once the school stuff settles down I will be good to go. I can’t believe a week from today will be the last day. I’m sad to think another year has gone by and next fall will be some big transitions for us. The oldest will go to middle school and the youngest will start Kindergarten. This will mean two in one school and one across town. I can already feel the morning stress of getting them there on time. We don’t have busing so it all falls on me. A bit long winded so I will try to post more often now that I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.