Have I really been blabbing for a 100 posts now? Hope I haven’t bored anyone and maybe I’ve even inspired a few. Instead of doing a give away I though it might be fun to host a swap. So since I’m new to this hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything. The swap is going to be a napkin swap using good quality cotton fabric. Here are the guidelines/rules.

Napkin Swap:

Make 10 Cloth napkins using good quality cotton fabric. I think the size 14inches x 14 inches is a great size.

Napkins can be reversible if you want.

Napkins MUST be hemmed using one of these methods.

1.Serging the hem.

2. Doing a reg hem no raw edges please.

3. Making them reversible using the pillow case method.

If you are not sure what any of these methods are or how to do them just let me know and I can explain better.

So here goes Leave me an email by Friday June 6th 2008 and I will match you up with a partner.

You MUST give the following info. Your email address, your mailing address, and a blog address if you have one. I will try and match up partners by Monday June 9th 2008 and it will be up to you to contact your partner and figure out fabric likes and dislikes and if you want the napkins to all match or be a variety. You may also add extra goodies if you want when sending out your package. While this is not a must it is sometimes nice to get something “extra”.

Packages must be mailed by July 1st 2008. Pass the word if you know anyone who may be interested I hope I get some takers or it may become a little humiliating. I have made these before and they wash great and you don’t need to iron them. Hope I didn’t forget anything.Oh Yea I’m also going to set up a flickr group as well called Sewstylish napkin swap. So please join in for the fun and thanks for making blogging so much fun for me I’ve been inspired so many times by others and hope I have and can continue doing that for you as well.