It finally is starting to feel like spring again. After sitting and watching a make-up softball game which I hate to do on a Sunday morning Hubby and I were able to sneak away for awhile. Yup we went for an hour and fifteen minute bike ride just him and me. It was actually nice and although I couldn’t really enjoy all the scenery since I had to concentrate on getting up those damn hills that seem to come out of know where it was a fun time. I can also honestly say there was no whining or puking involved. Yes big brother S you read correctly. I did have a close call on one hill and almost didn’t make it up but I did. Thankfully my bike doesn’t weigh very much not the same can be said for the rider but anyway if the bike weighed anymore I’m not sure the outcome would have been the same. SO here’s how I looked after the ride. Ignore the fat rolls bike shorts and jersey’s aren’t very forgiving.

My legs felt a little like jello for awhile after but I’m hoping to get back out tomorrow. First though we need to watch the girls march in the annual Memorial Day parade. I may even be able to sneak in some sewing time too.