WELL FINALLY!!!! I have been successful in making a top to fit. I love how it fits. It’s from one of the sheets I got in the swap. Thanks Lisa it was made using the simplicity pattern 3835. I did make a change and not use the elastic around the arm since it was annoying me. Other than that there was no problems. The sizing was a little weird and at first I was afraid that maybe I should have gone up one more size but now in wearing it all day I think it is fine. If I wanted to make the dress or longer top I would go bigger and of course I didn’t realize until I got home the sizing was Junior sizing. Oh well it still worked out or I probably would never have attempted a fourth time at making a top. Now I must decide if I want to make another top or skirt from the rest of  the sheets. I really wish we had better thrift shops around. Does it still count if I buy new at Target? Maybe if it’s on sale?lol. I guess if thrift shopping is a bust that’s aloud. While out in the yard today I found some of these beauties. They’re a type of Iris and they look so cool in my old milk bottles.(forgot to take a pic) These are in the background of most of my pictures they will bloom soon and than the bush will go all green again. These are growing in my backyard aren’t they pretty?! Pie anyone? This is the second year with this plant and it’s gotten much bigger than when I planted it last spring. I may even be able to make a pie with it and some strawberries.yumm. My one and only bleeding heart. Every year I try to transplant this baby from our back woods and it NEVER works. I’ve been trying for eight years and I give up so I will just have to be happy trudging through the doggy land mines to get my one bleeding heart in the back woods so I can enjoy it inside for a short time each year. Aunt S do you recognize the vase? It was my Gram’s and it sits on an antique table that was also hers. I guess I was a little symbolic in the flower and vase while not even realizing it until just now. Funny how those things work. Well I think I’m in need of some hot tea and  a book. I also really need to make a pair of lounge pants with some sheets are we sensing an addiction here?lol Happy Memorial weekend everyone.