Wow have I gotten more done than I thought. First the teachers bags are done and already given. They were a big hit.Phew. The quilt was also met with much praise and the colors will compliment her living room who new? See I really am good.hehehe. So if that’s not enough to make you feel good for the day I was also sporting my new wrap skirt that I got in the swap from Claudia and was complimented on that as well. Bet you would like to see what these all look like so here goes.Oldest daughters best friend was eager to be the model.I really need to figure a better way to take pictures of handbags and suggestions?Photographer was being grumpy and didn’t want to work today. I had bought black twill tape to put around the edging which you can’t see since it’s in the back on the wrap side and I wanted to put it a long the hem as well but do you think I can find the second package just purchased yesterday? Nope a ghost has taking it and if I find it I will add it at a later time. I also am wearing my new black flip flops which by the way are surprisingly hard to find. They have already been fixed since a certain boy ran over one with his four wheeler and popped out the stone. Luckily hubby is good at fixing things. Yesterday I also managed to do a little shopping and came home with these.T-shirt book for the daughters to hopefully get the creative juices flowing over the summer. The other books are for me and have such great projects in them.Of course you can’t go to Barnes and Nobles and not buy a magazine or four. Sew Simple is so worth getting the ideas just have me excited.Had to get these too. lisa was sporting the top made from a sheet and it looks so comfy. I did make one up last night and think I like it.  Next time it should go quicker since I know what to do. Hopefully tomorrow I can wear that blouse and let you see. Oh my it’s already that time of day to go get my girls. Yikes I might be a little late. I’m sure they will be ok with sorry girls Mommy was blogging. Yea Right. Relax I do have a few minutes to spare and will leave you with this pic of my sweet boy “graduating” preschool.