A little boring on the title but that’s ok. I finished the teachers quilt for this Friday. WOW I’m actually ahead of schedule. I still however have two handbags to make. No problem.yikes. Little man has been home all day with me and we have gotten a lot done. Quilting, Sewing, Shopping, and Playing. We might even get to Laundry.ugh. I even have a cornbeef in the crock-pot with carrots and potatoes, cabbage to be added later.yum. It’s the oldest favorite dinner and usually her birthday meal request so she will be happy to see that I’m making it for no special reason. Little man was supposed to have a field trip today but it was quite chilly in the low 50’s and he has a nasty cough so we opted to stay home where it’s warm. The field trip was the end of the year picnic for his preschool so it’s basically a free for all for 2 1/2 hrs at a local playground with about 100 kids. Yea, I didn’t really mind passing it up. Especially since last night both girls had softball games and it was 48 outbut felt like 28. I had my winter coat on and a sweater and was still cold. It’s not supposed to be that cold this time of year. It was an interesting site on the ball field since most people had coats, hats, and blankets around them. Not fun. Hubby got stay home with cough boy and put him to bed. I think I got the raw end of the deal. Next time I will be the one staying in and he can go. The girls both did really well and had fun so it wasn’t a total bust. On a different not a few months ago I won a give away over at Beki\’s and it came the other day.Just love this zippered pouch and Isn’t the button cute too. Thanks again Beki.The girls are already trying to scam it. I guess you probably would like to see the teacher quilt to huh? Well Ok. I really wish I could keep it. At first I wasn’t liking it but now that it’s all done I want it.I hope she likes it. It is the snap shot pattern from the Happy Hour book in case you”re wondering. I think I see another one of these being made soon.