I have to say the Wienie Lady Was a true sport. She had even dressed for the occasion in true mustard and ketchup colors with even her pearls.Wienie’s anyone? The hot dogs on the hat even made squeaky noises. Apparently after we left she was taking the microphone and making squeaky noises. It was certainly a big hit and now my friend Erin and I are wondering what’s in store for us.Yikes. We both had cryptic messages on our answering machines. The teacher quilt is moving right a long and I’m hoping to get it loaded on the frame today or tomorrow. Now that I have the top done I’m really loving it and wish I could keep it for myself so hopefully Andrew’s teacher will love it too.I did pick a lot of these today. Lily’s of the Valley have such a sweet smell I love having them in the house. I even have Lilacs still too. Off to do some sewing before I’m to tired.