Yes I am in fact thinking some of my friends may be a little twisted. For our little league commitment you have to agree to do some work at the field or pay out. Working can consist of field maintenance, or working the concession stand. A few of us payed out only to find that there were not enough concession helpers and some were needed or we would have to forfeit our game. Well with three kids plus putting names on all the hats I said sorry not it. Well my friend Marney wasn’t so lucky. So with much grumbling she is required to work tomorrow night. WELL another friend has gotten the bright idea that a hat and some good humor teasing is needed. So this is where I got sucked into the scheme and now will have to watch my back. Good thing I have many sharp objects, Erin on the other hand doesn’t.The hat will be topped of with a rubber hot dog in a bun that Erin found. Our game has been canceled so there is really no need for me to be at the field but I think I might need to take a ride over just to check out the lady working in concession.hehehe. I heard that a certain someone is playing on having a picnic there just to rub salt into the wound some more. It sure is good to friends with a sense of humor. I also managed to get some blocks sewn up for the teacher quilt so look for a pic soon.