Having three kids and two who play softball sure keep you very busy. Not to mention preschool is wrapping up and they have had a lot of field trips. Today was supposed to be Library day but they canceled it at the last minute. That would have been nice to know before we planned our morning around it. So since I’ve already showered and dressed there won’t be a morning workout today. So I guess I will fill the time with some sewing. First here’s what we’ve been up too.Hubby retrieving a frisbe that was thrown up on the roof by mistake, he’s also not fond of heights.Some Lilacs from our tree. They smell sooo good.Our first outing on the new boat for Mothers Day. Since there’s no more Lake House my parents bought a new boat for us all to enjoy. While it’s not nearly the same it still lets us use this wonderful Adirondack Lake that my siblings and I have grown up on.It doesn’t get much better than that.The girls of course cranked up the music and had to dance.
My girls not quite sure of the facilities.Oops we kind of forgot we needed the “paper”. This was the princess’s first time using an outhouse. They should consider themselves lucky since it is the start of the season it was not only clean/empty it was a brand new one. Even Gramma ventured in but I missed that pic. The girls of course were like eeewww, gross. I told them to chill it was part of the experience and that when I was kid out with my friends we had to use them too. Of course I left out the part that we used to tip over the outhouse’s when there were parties on the Islands. Now that’s gross. That little guy came to visit while we were having our picnic.AHHH the wind thru my hair. Of course the one behind me likes to go a wee bit slower. She is getting better though.These arrived in the mail the other day. I just love when I see a special package awaiting to be opened. My sheet skirt swap. Now I just have to find time to make another skirt. I’m thinking of a wrap maybe using the beige and black print. Decisions, decisions.Yesterday was my day to myself so while running into Jo-Anns for some muslin to use as a pattern template I saw these had hit the news stand.How great. So I figured since I was craving sushi I would pick some up for lunch go home and enjoy my new magazines. I sat outside in the sun and it was great. They both have some great projects in them. Now I just need to find the time. I also managed to make a strawberry/blueberry pie and used the Kangaroo cookie cutter that Karen gave me in our scrap swap. The kids loved how it looked but of course wished I had made a choc pie. Next time.Now if I can keep from eating it all we will be all set. Luckily Hubby likes really big pieces. Off to get some sewing done I have a little more than a week to make a quilt, and two handbags. Yikes. Plus softball for the kids and hubby working a lot.ugh. How do I get myself into these things. Oh yea and sign ups for the four seasons summer swap have started so if you want to try it go sign up even if you haven’t done it before. Four Season Summer Swap