Wow has this week flown. Between softball games for two busy girls, softball pics, softball practice,Birthday parties, Kindergarten round-up, band/chorus concert,girl-scouts, AND a Mothers Tea I’m lucky to be in one piece. Thankfully I haven’t lost anyone or anything all though not sure how. With a close call at pictures my middle one was playing, little guy was with Dad and big Sis was getting photographed. Well after she was done we started to go back to the car and she said hey Mom where’s Lyssey? Oops did I seriously almost forget one of my kids. SO I quick ran back and she had no clue.PHEW. Than upon returning home it hit me that little man was due to be picked up my a friend in 20min. Well he was off with Dad and I totally forgot.We jumped back in the car and tracked them down and got home in time for the play-date. So while I haven’t lost anyone it’s been close. I really don’t know how people do it with 4and 5 kids. I can’t believe this little cutie is going to kindergarten. He did great at round-up.Doesn’t he look handsome. I of course had to make a new skirt for the occasion and yup it was with one of my vintage sheets.Hard to tell but I had embellished it with navy rick rack along the bottom. I was privy to many compliments and of course had a silent chuckle each time that if only they knew what it was made out of. My girls are already trying to scam some of the sheets that will be coming in the mail so after I take my pick we just might be able to arrange a skirt for them. I want to try a wrap skirt but just haven’t had the patience YET. Hopefully soon. It’s finally spring here and yesterday I couldn’t help but buying some flowers.Passion flower,supposedly this will give us fruit.Hubby says don’t hold your breath. I will consider myself lucky if I keep it alive. Each year I get better and better plus I have little water helpers now so it should be good.My perennials are starting to bloom too. I should have Lilacs soon, and Lilly’s of the Valley which I love the smell of. Next week I’m hoping to get some more perennials for the back yard so once that looks a little better we will have more pics and I have to do my Vegetable garden. First comes the manure part which really is my least favorite part. I usually sport the Knee high rubber boots (hubbys hunting ones). SHHH. because after all, mine are more for rain and fashion.hehehe and than some gloves. It’s quite a site but it gets the job done. Also in all of this chaos I finished the commissioned baby quilt.I tried to hang these on the fence for photo purposes but the wind didn’t want to cooperate. Now I have to get sewing some teacher gifts. I for see less sleep and some stress in the future.