This book has so many great patterns in it. If you haven’t already looked at it you must. Doesn’t that quilt on the cover look familiar? How about now?Hmmmm Still not sure.Yup this is the one I made and it’s on flickr. The judge at our local quilt show last year complimented me on the quilting and I also won a vendors choice award. It was a real bugger to make but totally worth it. No blog Deb and I had started this pattern a few years ago but I’m not sure hers is going to be done anytime soon. Deb correct me if I’m wrong. Lunch with some friends was great today and I saw some fellow quilters as well. Tonight we’re off to the oldest girls softball game and I have a feeling it’s going to be a cold one. What happened to the warm weather we were having? What we do to support our kids. Tonight it will involve being a little frozen but that’s ok since I love to watch her play. Hopefully the other two little monkeys will be good. There’s dirt there so I don’t think little man will have a problem finding something to do. Of course it will now mean my tub is going to be filthy. Oh yea and for those of you wondering Skyler is doing fine and already trying to escape outside again. He gets his staples out next Tuesday and I can’t wait to get rid of that lampshade thing.