Today this little sweetie turned 5.Plus he loves the shirt I made.I also was sporting a new skirt made by moi for a sheet.Pretty funny when I got compliments thru out the day I was able to chuckle to myself that I made it from a sheet and a matching headband.Ignore the roots since the sun is already lightening my hair.School snack was enjoyed choc covered strawberries and home-made cookies.3lbs of pasta casserole with fresh summer squash,zucchini,mushrooms,meat,broccoli, and cheese. Of course hubby thought we needed 5lbs and after all is said and done I probably could have gotten away with 2lbs. Oh well at least I have a nice big bowl of it in the freezer and that will come in handy one night for softball.what a climber.Getting ready to play laser tag”scary”Pure love. Should have wiped his face first.Ah well.The last cake of the day. That makes choc covered strawberries,choc chip m&m cookies,cake at friend party, and another cake at family party. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to go to bed until after 9pm and hour and half later than normal. Not to mention ALL of those great presents he got today. Happy Birthday my sweet boy we had a fantastic day and now Mama’s tired. Thank goodness tomorrow is my day of freedom and little man goes to his friends after school. Ahhh a nice lunch with two of my girl friends will be perfect. Now if I can get my girls room cleaned up from the winter clothes to the spring/summer clothes I will be happy not to mention be able to walk in there again. Than softball game tomorrow night. AHHH another crazy day. Maybe Friday will be quieter that is till little man gets his 5yr old shots in the afternoon.