It’s been somewhat crazy around here lately. Softball has started and with two girls playing in different leagues we are constantly on the run. Especially when they have practice at the same time and on opposite sides of town. A little stressful at times especially when people don’t turn right on red. I mean it’s legal and don’t people realize I have places to be. The mail man brought me the latest Better Homes and Gardens hardcover book which has the best quilts in it. I think it may be my favorite volume yet. I took a pic but for some reason my camera doesn’t want to download tonight so stay tuned for that pic. Also the quilt on the cover is the same pattern as my Earthy Mix quilt. The baby quilt is all quilted and I will show you once the binding is on. I have been busy putting names on theseAlyssa’s team visors and theseAbbey’s team visors. I also managed to sew up one of these skirtsThis is one of the sheets I’m using for the sheet swap that Lisa is putting on. It was rainy and to cold to wear today so once I’m able to wear it I will have a better pic. Hubby even liked it and got a kick out of it when I told him it was made from a sheet. Today the postman brought me a nice little treat all the way from the UK it was my long awaited Four Seasons Swap. I didn’t hear him knock so when I got the mail there was a slip saying we will re-deliver tomorrow. When I saw where it was from I thought there is NO way I was going to wait till tomorrow, so I jumped in the car and yup chased him down. After going around the block I found him three houses down and couldn’t wait to open it. With all my munchkins on the floor next to me I opened up this great package from Kate who happened to be who MY Four Seasons Swap went to.This great quilt which is already hanging, an awesome brick of Chocolate, Tea, and really cool note cards on a ring. What a talented person and I feel so lucky.Even her business card is cool. The kids and I also thought that the back of the Choc bar was neat since it says what the Nutritional Facts are and breaks it down for women,men,and child. Plus what we call calories they call energy.We have all sampled some and it is goooood. Thank you so much again Kate.

My oldest got these in the mail today and was very excited.

Aren’t they funky?! She’s also excited because they are from the “red” line which means a percentage of sales goes toward fighting aids,tb,and malaria. Well on the 30th a very special little boy will be turning 5 so tomorrow I will be in full birthday baking mode and getting ready for his party. Everything will be on his birthday so it will be a jam packed day. Starting with pre-school where he gets a party than an hour after that gets done he will have a friend party at an indoor play center and we will have gone to lunch per his request at a local restaurant. After the friend party we will go home for a little quite time before all the cousins and grandparents arrive. I will be making a pasta dish for dinner that night. So tomorrow I have four hair color’s to do including cuts, make cookies for school and choc covered strawberries, prepare pasta dish with veggies. Thank goodness I ordered his cake for birthday night. Plus one girl has softball practice and Oh yea I still need to wrap his presents I think Hubby will get that project and make him a new shirt with a  number 5 on it. Whew I’m worn out just thinking about it so I guess it’s rest time so tomorrow I can get it all done.