So I was tagged a while back from Kathleen about 7 random things you don’t know about me. Instead of tagging 7 people I will leave it open to who ever wants to do this just pass the word. So here goes I will warn you they may not be very exciting.

1. I have a tattoo on my ankle of a blue dolphin. I got this when visiting my brother in Hawaii when I was 18 and it’s probably the only wild thing I did in all of my teen years.

2. I almost failed Home Ec in High School and now look what my favorite thing to do is. Go figure.

3. I am fairly laid back but am also quite “high Strung” if that makes any sense.

4. I love Chocolate.

5. I was named after my Maternal Grandparents.

6. I don’t really care a whole lot about what people think and sometimes this can come across as bitchy although I’m really not. I just can’t stand the whole clicky high school non-sense  that some adults play into, I have a husband, kids, family, friends, career, and don’t really have time for any of that crap.

7. I used to Alpine Ski competitively.

So hope I didn’t bore you to badly.Here’s where I would like to be right now. Heading to our favorite family vacation spot.