Here’s the post I was going to do the other day. Have you ever thought about who inspired you or taught you how to knit or quilt or sew? Well lately I have been doing just that. It may partly be do to the fact that my  parents are down visiting my Nana or Nanny as we call her. (My dad’s mom) We didn’t really grow up seeing her a lot since we didn’t live close but I remember her always knitting or sewing/quilting. A few years ago she moved up  near us and I asked her during one of our weekly beauty days if she could teach me how to quilt. During these weekly visits she would tell me more about herself in younger years and quite a lot of info I didn’t know. So I took her to the fabric store and she helped me pick out the basics for starting a quilt. Well Nanny didn’t know about rotary cutters so eight years ago I learned how to quilt using a cardboard template. I was hooked even if this method seemed crazy. She told me what to do and this is my first ever quilt.I think I’ve come a long way. Well she ended up moving back to her home in Florida since the winters were just to harsh. But thankfully we had that winter together and I will always be great full that she taught me this fantastic craft. I also quickly looked in the yellow pages for a quilt shop that was teaching a class on beginning quilting because I new their had to be an easier way. Thank you inventor of rotary cutters and rulers. Once back in Florida she went thru a lot of her boxes and sent ME boxes of fabric. I still have some in my stash, as a matter of fact the backing fabric for my four seasons quilt is from Nana’s stash and it was perfect for this quilt. With some of the fabric I made this.This is our beach/softball/always in the car quilt, probably was my second or third quilt I did and yes it was done with a rotary cutter and ruler, but I didn’t know about strip piecing yet so each square was pieced individually. ugh. Here are a few of my Nana’s quilts the first one my  Dad remembers her piecing with  his grandmother  all by  hand.It hangs in my hallway and was to big to take down so here’s a small view. This next one was done about 50years ago by hand and I  will need to repair some of it since the binding is coming off. I remember this one being on my parents bed at one time. It is hard to see the quilting but you can kind of get the idea and boy is she accurate, it’s just amazing. She is also an amazing knitter/crocheter. However I learned how to knit from MY Mom and her Mom. So it is really neat to have learned my two favorite crafts from each Grandma. I will have to find an afghan that my Mom had made if she still has one since I don’t have any in my possession. I do remember one that was in warm earth tones and it was soo soft and I can picture laying under it in the winter with my brother Scott watching tv. Of course Mom doesn’t knit anymore I wish she should start again but my Aunt S sure does and her stuff is beautiful. I do have an afghan from her that she made for little man when he was a baby. Hmm and the little sewing knowledge I have learned is from my Mil who is incredible, she even used to make wedding dresses. So I think when she comes back from her winter in Florida I may have her help me with those pesky patterns I tried to make. Of course all of this reflection was done over a cup of tea in the morning sun in my pjs and reading a little of this.I have since finished it and am now onto the second in the series.Sweet girl setting up “Nap” time on our three season room which I’m so glad to be using again I think it’s my favorite room so cherry and bright. Check out all those webkinz she had to put down for naps. Sky Sky was even joining in.(pre tail bobo)