So I had another post in mind for today but do to an unexpected accident this was necessary. Yesterday while walking outside I didn’t see our cat Skyler next me and shut his tail in the door. At first he seemed ok but after about a 1/2hr I went to check on him and he was very quiet. While feeling his tail to check for injury I noticed it felt funny in one spot and as I started to examine it saw blood and thought oh shit! When I moved the fur aside he had a laceration that went down to the bone.  To graphic for a pic and while almost getting sick myself and feeling awful at this point my daughter quickly got me the phone so I could call the vet. Yes he needed to be seen immediately at the emergency clinic. So we put him in his carrier noticed that hubby’s cell phone was on the counter (that figures) he always has it with him I left with two kids in tow. Once on the highway for the 15min drive which felt MUCH longer I called for some moral support. Thanks Dad. Even thought my parents are in Florida right now I still found the support I needed. I mean how awful would you feel hurting your baby. After checking him in they told me he needed a few staples, medicine, and to wear a “lampshade” thing so he didn’t lick at his tail. Talk about being emotionally drained. When we got back home he did purr when I pet him so I felt he forgave me he even slept next to me all night so while he may have forgiven me not sure if I have forgiven myself yet. But I wasn’t able to sleep since I was afraid he would pull the staples out in the night. He is doing pretty well and the Dogs are even cuddling with him. Now everyone has been told to please watch shutting doors and by the time this is all said in done I’m probably looking at a vet bill of $300. OUCH. Just think of all the fabric I could buy. I still feel awful looking at him and now you can see why.Pretty said isn’t it?! So that ended our spring break. However on Saturday morning by oldest was playing Nims Island doing something “stupid” as she puts it and did this to her leg.OUCH. See Mom you leave town and all hell breaks loose. Oh yea and while in the grocery store this morning I dropped pasta sauce and it went EVERYWHERE. Talk about embrassing. Hopefully our bad luck is over. I did win on a blog drawing recently and it came today which was just what I needed and it’s this cute “wallet/coin purse”  with awesome fabric from overseas. It’s so cool to get mail from another country I just love it.Thanks  Christine.Hopefully tomorrow I will post what I originally had planned for today. The kids are all back to school so hoping to get some sewing done tomorrow. The weather is still so nice out and the kids want to be outside which is fine but it means no sewing for Mom, plus softball has started and we have three practices and girlscouts just this week. YIKES.