Spring Break is almost over and so far we’ve had a great week. The weather has been unusually warm so we have actually been laying out in the sun in our bathing suits. Today it hit 82 which is high for this time of year. I now look like I went south for vacation and have a decent tan already thanks to the genes on my Dad’s side, we get tan FAST. The other day we saw Nims Island which was cute but I somehow ended up being the only adult with 5 kids. They all listened and we were well behaved so it wasn’t to bad. The only issue was I had them all go potty before we left the house and guess who didn’t go. Yup, Mom so I had to hold it for more than half the movie because there was no way I was leaving five kids alone. I haven’t gotten much sewing, or spring cleaning done this week but I did get this bag finished.

I got the fabric cut out for the baby quilt, and am almost done with the knitted bag I started the other day. Picture to come on that. With all of our days pretty much spent out doors we have made a few of these fairy houses.picked some of these

and watched my little ones play outside. Little man was having fun spinning.and look the grass is even starting to turn green.