Not quite sure what happened this past week but time just kept getting away from me. We are all fine here just crazy busy. Let’s see if I can recap the last week. Last Monday this wonderful package arrived from my scrap swap partner and I totally hit the jackpot. Thanks so much Karen.The magazine is fantastic, my kids are loving the cookie cutters of all things Australia and at quilt guild that night my scraps were greatly admired. My kids are now on Spring Break for the next week and we have already done quite a bit. Last Friday I pulled them out of school early so we could go on our annual shopping trip with Gramma. Gramma and I were exhausted by the time we got home and everyone was able to get a bunch of clothes. I even managed to find some Donna Karen stuff and Calvin Klein for myself in Macys, and it was even on sale. Friday night we had a little excitement in our neighborhood. Apparently some teenagers have been using the vacant house across the street to have underage drinking parties. Hubby and I were woken up by noisy kids and than four police cars showing up. It was actually very exciting to watch, kind of like watching the tv show cops but right out your own window. About 30 kids ended up coming out with one kid getting arrested and all the rest got to walk away. Not sure why their parents were not called but if my teen was at a party that got busted I would be a little pissed if I wasn’t notified. All of the neighbors seem to feel the same way. They did make them clean up the mess and take all the empty alcohol away which they preceded to dump in the lawns of the houses the cops couldn’t see. While I understand teens are teens where did all these parents think their kids were at 2 and 3am in the morning? SO anyway we took the kids to Lake Placid for the weekend and got a little later start Saturday morning do the excitement of the night before. I was able to go into this great yarn shop and  of course  came out with a few things.

I’ve already started on one of these projects to make a felted bag. This is how far I’ve gotten.

This handbag is another special order bag and I really hope she likes it. Not sure if she reads my blog so she might not see this for a few days.  Back to our mini vacation since hubby has to work we only got two days away but it was still fantastic. We were able to see a really pretty waterfall but it was snowing so not sure how great the photo is yes I did say snowing. We woke up yesterday morning to a lot of the white stuff coming down. However even though it was a little bit of a bummer there’s something about Lake Placid when it snows it is like this magical winter wonderland in some far away village. Or at least that’s how it feels to me.

Here was the view from our balcony. A little overcast but still pretty.

The little munchkins enjoying some indoor swimming time while Mom and Dad had some  “cocktails” All in all it was a  relaxing weekend. So now that the kids are home for the next week we are planning on going to the movies one day and doing some spring cleaning. Of course sewing is at the top of the list too. I have another bag order and quilt order that I’m hoping to get started in the next few days. Here’s a book I highly recommend it’s a little sad but still great.

Almost forgot these came in the mail while we were away.

The last photos are of our hotel the view is just amazing on a day when it’s not snowing. So that’s what I’ve been up to the last week. Phew now I’m tired. Hoping tomorrow to have pics of the four season quilt done.