On a trip to Barnes and Nobles the other day with my littlest in tow I picked up a great novel called The Knitting Circle. So far I’m really enjoying it. I also picked up this book which has some great ideas in it.

I of course also picked up some other novels about quilting to read as well. When I got home this was waiting on the front porch.

I haven’t had time to try it out yet since yes I’m a little intimidated by it and I had these two bags on order for tomorrow.

Not to mention it was finally really like spring here this weekend and the kids wanted to play outside. So that meant while the youngest was out riding his bike I had to be out too. 4hrs each day. Yesterday I read thru my sereger handbook while getting some sun, and today I sat and sewed part of the binding on my four seasons quilt while talking to the neighbors. I also ended up with another bag order yippee.  Our neighbors DIL was looking for a new bag and new I made them so she came over and looked thru some samples and has put in an order. Nothing like doing business out of the back of your suv.lol. With spring break coming soon the extra $$ will be nice to have when we go away for a little change of scenery. Not to mention I’m finally starting to feel like I have a business, which is such a great feeling. Another must read which I finished last week thus the trip to Barnes and Nobles was this book.

I ended up picking up two more books by her as well. So now the “GPS”man won’t need to be coming to the house for awhile. I think I actually picked up about 4 books to read,shhh. But don’t worry, little man was fantastic and was rewarded with some books of his choice and a sugar cookie at Starbucks which conveniently is in the book store.