Apparently the place to get fabric at a REALLY great price would be in Lancaster Pa, Every year a few of my quilting sisters go there on a bus trip and shop and shop. Me being the one with a child still not in full time school hasn’t been able to make it YET. However I have sent some funds so I don’t feel totally left out. This year what came back for me was great. Skyler thought so too.100_1958.jpg

The goodies that came out of this bag are gorgeous. Moda fabric 4yrds for like $5 total amazing you can’t find deals like that anywhere around here!100_1962.jpg

The purple round thing is a great beverage carrier, also got bag ladie tea bags, which I’ve already had one cup of and it was delicious. A “quilted” choc bar came back as well but that was already put into hiding so the three little munchkins wouldn’t get to it. I really am going to have to go next year. No excuses the kids will all be in school and can live without Mom for two 1/2 days. Here are the books the “gps” man brought this week.100_1960.jpg 100_1961.jpg

The Creative Family is truly fantastic. What a great family type book. It’s filled with many ideas for the kids to do and she even tells how to make your own dyes. The philosophy that less is more really hits the nail on the head. So many kids these days have too much stuff and that leaves them wanting more, expecting more, and feeling unfulfilled. I can’t wait to read more of this book and try some of the activities out with my own children. Spring Break will be here next week which means this book arrived at the perfect time.  Thanks Deb for picking out such great things this year and for my extra goodies too.