Here’s another bag that will be going to a new home tomorrow. I think she is a lurker on this blog as well but I know she has computer issues sometimes, so I guess I can’t threaten to keep this hostage. I really love it though.100_1956.jpg I love the sparkle it has when the sunlight hits it too. I was also in need of some retail therapy today since our family’s lake house will be sold tomorrow and to say that I’m angry would be an understatement. While I understand why it had to be sold I don’t have to like it and will miss it terribly. We have had that house to go to my whole life and many summer days were spent there. I will miss it not only for myself but for my children who won’t get to have the wonderful memories that my brothers, cousins, and our spouses have had there. Sure my children may remember some things but it’s not the same. SOOO what do woman do when depressed that’s right they shop. I bought these Debbie Mum clogs this morning.100_1953.jpggreat for the wet weather we are supposed to have this week. I also had a delivery from the GPS man(that’s ups) for those of you who don’t have a four year old and he was nice enough to bring me the Bend The Rules Sewing book which I forgot to take a pic of and am to lazy to go upstairs to get it. Great stuff in this book. Worth checking out. Mr.GPS should also be bringing me the book The Creative Family by Amanda Soule tomorrow. My Mom was also in the shopping mood today and left these nice babies on my kitchen counter for me.100_1955.jpg Aren’t they great. They look like patchwork. Of course with our weather I won’t be wearing them anytime soon but that’s ok because I have new sandals to wear when the weather permits. Thanks Mom. Oh yea and I almost forgot when I went to get crystals for the above handbag I saw this and my hands just kept grabbing it.100_1954.jpg Wow are there some great patterns in this one. I can’t wait to make some. Oh yea I also bought my self a pair of pants and blouse which will go with the above mentioned shoes perfectly. My Mom also made a little larger purchase for me as well which should be here in a few days. See she went shopping with my Sil the other day and bought her a Coach handbag. She said when we go shopping I could get one too. While I like them and already have a couple I said how about if I pick something else would that be ok? She said sure and my new Serger is on it’s way. Thanks to no blog Deb who pointed me in the right direction on what to get she also has one on the way. So Deb you’re going to have to teach me how to use it ok?! I hear bribery works wonders, and of course gifts are good too. Time for some reading, the kiddies just went to bed an hour later than normal since we took them for Ice Cream. April 1st is a big deal here because all of the seasonal places re-open. Tomorrows task, hopefully to put laundry away, and quilt the four seasons quilt.Stay Tuned.