Wow what a surprise I had in my mailbox today. Back in November I participated in my very first swap it was the green swap, you  had to make a bag that could be reused for many purposes to cut back on the use of plastic bags. Anyway it didn’t go so well. It took over a month in a half to get a thank you for the bag that I had sent out and I still haven’t received my bag. Today however I got a very nice package from Farhana the head of the swap because she felt bad that I still haven’t gotten anything. I had pretty much written this swap off to bad luck. So thank you so much Farhana I love everything and it was so  thoughtful to think of me. Here’s what she sent.


This was such a surprise since I had know idea she had done all this. I got this great bag to put all sorts of pictures in, I’m thinking maybe fabric pictures might look cool, a notebook that you can put a picture in, a pen and a really cute paper clip. Today was the spring fair at my kids school so no sewing has been done. I’m not sure the exact amount of money my quilt brought in but the box was bulging with tickets and many people told me how much they loved it. That’s always nice to hear  so I may have a few commission quilts coming my way since when the name was called for the winner there were many oooohhhh’s that were said. One woman wanted to re do her sun porch to match this quilt so talk about feeling appreciated.  I don’t know the name of the person who won it but I’m sure it was going to a good home. After three hours doing that and working and taking down one of the booths I was happy to curl up and read a book while watching my kids ride their bikes. Tomorrow I will sew since I have this great bag I’m making for some very sweet girl whom I know lurks on my blog and I may have to hold it hostage till she leaves me a comment. HMMMM. I will post a pic of it tomorrow when it’s done and maybe she will make me feel a little less lonely?!