So yesterday it was sunny and warmer to the point the sun roof on the car could be opened, the grass was showing and the kids were riding there bikes. This morning however I woke to this

What the heck is this awful white stuff and where did my grass go? So out went the nice springy type mood and in came the fryed Friday mood. It was a day to crawl back in bed but that wasn’t of course an option. After taking the kids to school I did come home and get a little sewing done. I made this cute coaster and practiced my embroidery at the same time.
Yesterday my friend and I did enjoy our nice lunch out and can’t wait to do it again soon. I had gone to Jo-anns earlier in the morning and bought some cute fabric to make sundresses, skirts, or shirts out of. I must consult with the little fashion divas on what they would like but with it snowing today it was just something I wasn’t in the mood for, so hopefully next week when we’re supposed to have weather in the 50’s I will bring it back out and see what wearable item they will become.