Oh how I missed this100_1940.jpgyes it’s been two weeks since I had one of these babies and I was in withdrawl. I’ve been really good to avoid those bad bad calories these have but I think I earned it today. Now I will try to go a few more weeks before my next one. I haven’t been having ice cream at night either hey you guys in Alaska did you feel the earth move I’m really being good. Now hopefully the scale will reward me when I get on it in a few days. Not to mention my Serotta and I are getting to know each other quite well. I haven’t even it cursed it to much. We will see how my running shoes and I get along when we head out for a run in the next few days. I’m guessing there will be much swearing involved maybe even a few made up words but it will be worth it. Here’s the four seasons top 100_1939.jpgNow I just have to piece the back, get the binding out and it load it on the frame. I also have some embellishing ideas to add but am going to wait until after it’s quilted for that. Tomorrow is my day with no kids as it’s Andrew’s day for a playdate yippee. So my plans involve a trip to Jo-anns for a clothing project I want to tackle more on that soon,exercising,sewing,and than a nice lunch out with one of my dearest friends, after that I turn back in to the proverbial pumpkin.