The sun was shining the temp was warmer and it was finally a spring like day. Yesterday while Andrew was sick I was able to finally start on my Four Seasons Swap, here is some of what I accomplished100_1928.jpgYes that would be paper piecing I’m doing. Hey girls you know who you are, look I’m finally doing it.Yippee. Of course you forgot to mention how messy it is. I’m a little further along today and am at the point where I get to rip out all that lovely paper on the back.ugh. It’s not really THAT bad but I can see where it can take time. OOOH I can’t wait to see what it will look like all done can you? Maybe tomorrow I will have another up date.hmmm. Guess you have to wait and see. Today Andrew was feeling better and went back to school.Yea. Well after we were ready for some quiet time and I thought I could sneak some sewing in we heard these noises coming from upstairs. So we ran up to see what it was and lo and behold there was a huge freaking dump truck in our driveway and bulldozer dumping snow in it. 100_19291.jpgApparently we got TO MUCH snow this year and they’re getting rid of some snow banks well yea that means less mud for us. So of course we had to bundle up since even though it was nice out it was still only in the 40’s and Andrew had to set his chair up to watch. Isn’t that just cute. Well apparently the DPW guy thought so too. So after 25 min yes I did say 25 min of patiently watching he was rewarded.100_1930.jpg

and boy was he rewarded. 100_1937.jpgYup that’s my little guy raising the bucket. Of course when he put it down it CAME down load oh well he’s only 4. He even got to start it and turn it off. What a great guy for making a little boys day.100_1935.jpg