Ok so with a title like that it makes me think of when you were in Elementary school and had to write a paper on what I did over Easter.lol. So here’s what I did over my Easter Weekend. Friday I got an unexpected call from a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a long time and she informed me that one of our other friends would be coming back into town for the weekend. She had moved to Virginia back in August and we were missing her. So we agreed to meet at 8am on Saturday to have breakfast.So there was four of us who reunited and it was FANTASTIC. I swear it was like free therapy just what I needed. The three of us who still live here have agreed that we MUST get together at least once a month and one of us in the group wants to learn how to knit. Morag I’m holding you to it. Between Anna and I we will have her knitting and purling in know time. I didn’t realize how much I missed these ladies and can’t figure out that why when Robin left us we all fell apart. SO now we must not let that happen again. It’s sad that life just gets in the way and if we don’t make time to do these things they just won’t happen. Ok a little long winded there and of course I left my camera on the counter so no pick of the morning but after returning home I ended up  having a very relaxing day with kids playing out side even though they had to still wear there winter coats, I think Spring has forgotten us here in the northeast. We are supposed have temps in the 50’s NOT in the 30’s. But it hasn’t stopped my three so it left time for me to sit and finish this must read.


I think this might be my favorite from the series. I actually felt like I was right there too. I also made this little sack100_1927.jpg

from this magazine.    100_1926.jpg so I would say it was a pretty good weekend. Today I have this little guy home with a fever100_1924.jpg but at least he was able to enjoy Easter. Little man is in need of some food so hoping after he has a full tummy I can sew a little since my sewing room is in our family room where he is currently camped out watching Scooby Do.