Well the quilted force must have been with me since I finished the quilt in time. Whew that’s the fastest I’ve ever made a quilt and I don’t care to do it that quick again. Two days just adds a little to much stress. I didn’t have time to bind it by hand but I’m happy with the way it all came out and sometimes machine binding is just fine. So here it is.


and here’s a close up of the quilting.100_1882.jpg So it’s all wrapped and ready for delivery first thing tomorrow morning. I also had to make this little gift box for a party that Andrew was invited to.100_1884.jpg100_1883.jpg
I also made this card to go with the quilt. Oh yea and there’s a little princess’s birthday coming up on Sunday so we had to have a Ganache cake for school tomorrow which HAD to be made by Gramma. I get to do the one for Sunday and she’s very specific on what she wants. So here is tomorrows version, the little people are little boys and girls and since pansies can’t be found anywhere jelly beans were used. Gramma is the best.