Aren’t greens yummy? These came in the post today, I think I’m going to call it that from now on it sounds so much nicer then the”mail”.  I’ve been busy working on place mats, napkins, figuring out what to do for my spring swap when I decide on something then I see something else.ugh. SO I guess it will be figured out when I actually sit down to work on it. On another note do you know how fast you can sew up a quilt? WELL, I got to figure that out today. Reason being we just found out that my Son’s preschool teacher will be leaving us to have surgery of the pancreas and she has just suffered from breast cancer as well. We were told this morning and this Friday will be her last day. So of course this is someone who just must have a quilt. After a slight panic attack of knowing I didn’t have anything already done I started looking thru some books for a quickie quilt and then remembered, of course what about my ufo bin. After digging WAY to the bottom I found some great blocks of the month that Joanns had done a few years ago. I had only done two but I had a total of six. So I gott a sewing ,pieced the other blocks, ran to Joanns with one child in tow at about  6:30 grabbed some border fabric, batting, backing and was back home and sewing by 7:10. I was trying to check out the other fabrics while in the store but my daughter kept saying, mommy we only came in for this project. That little voice of reason. It was probably for the best because they just got a huge shipment in of some really nice  quilt like, shop quality fabric in some gorgeous colors and prints. The status of the quilt at this point in the night is top done, backing pieced, quilting panto picked out, everything ready to be loaded on the quilt frame tomorrow morning. So everyone wish me luck for quilting it, and I will have to machine bind the whole binding in order to get it done by Fri morning. Oh yea and did I say my kids have another half day tomorrow?  Stay tuned for the pics of the quilt I just love how the top came out. I would love to quilt a fancy motif in some areas but if I do that I will never get it done in time so it will be an all over design. I also managed to make Choc chip banana bread which has about one piece left. I gave the other loaf to a mom at school who was asking me about it so of course I couldn’t just give her the recipe I had to give  her the real thing too. I was almost mugged when the parents saw me deliver it to her at dismissal. It was still warm.yumm. She held on tight and couldn’t wait to get it home. Ok all you lurkers it’s ok to leave a comment I’m starting to get lonely.