Skyler wanted to help blog!!!!

Today was a stressful day but everything with Dad worked out great and he is back home and resting. Between being up at 5am and of course with much tossing and turning all night and then sitting in the hospital all day I’m exhausted. I had brought knitting a long with me but was to stressed to deal with it so I passed the time by looking thru my new Quilts and More magazine and reading a little of the Thirteenth Tale novel I just started. Hopefully tomorrow I can start to get back to my normal routine its been a few weeks but I think I can remember what that was. Let’s see. Get kids to school, exercise, sew,pick up kids,sew,make dinner,sew. Are we seeing a pattern? Seriously if I can fit at least one Sewing session in I will be happy. Now just which thing should I do first. HMMM, Tashina I bet you want your place mats and napkins so I’m thinking that might be one of the things I start tomorrow. I also have narrowed it down to what my Spring Swap item is going to be. Now it’s off to veg so tomorrow I can be all rested for that sewing session.