Here’s an update!! The bag has already sold after I posted this. If anyone is interested in one just drop me an email.
Since it’s March which makes me think of all things green and Spring is hopefully around the corner I figured it was time for a green springtime bag. This will be in my Etsy shop for anyone interested. It’s hard to capture exactly how it looks but I have added purple crystals that when the light hits just right the bag has a great shimmery affect to it. I have finished the binding on the quilt for my kids school fair and just have to attach the label so now I must figure out what my next project will be. I’m thinking maybe finally finishing the second knitted sock for a sweet little boy who wants to wear them skiing. HMMM maybe I can finish that this week and then I will have two things off my list. Now I must go figure out just what I’m going to work on since I’m in need of some crafting therapy. It’s Monday what can I say.