So not sure if anyone remembers the kids show cat dog but I couldn’t pass this one up. Here’s our version of it    100_1787.jpg
Skyler Cat and Xena Dog. I still haven’t done to much crafting this week. My brother and his family leave tomorrow so we will all be a little sad. Today I spent some time making this yummy salsa for dinner tonight.100_1784.jpg
I think it’s my favorite salsa and so easy to make. I even have canned it and kept it in the fridge for awhile and amazingly it doesn’t get soggy. Today when my girls get done with school we’re going to an indoor play area with the cousins, which will hopefully burn off some steam since the high this morning was -18f just a little chilly and it hasn’t warmed up that much to let them play outside. So a good game of laser tag should be fun. I did manage to buy some fabric yesterday (yea can’t imagine how THAT happened) so those will be made into bags when I get a spare moment. My SIL also picked out fabric for me to make some place mats and napkins so those will be shipped when they’re done. She really loved mine but I only had a small amount left and told her sorry I just couldn’t part with it. She understood but claims I don’t love However the fabric she did pick it fantastic and I will post a pic when they’re done.  I also picked up another needle punch pattern to work on and yes I’m totally hooked no pun intended. Next week I’m hoping to get some sewing done but it looks like it will be a crazy stressful week. My Dad has been informed that he needs to go have a cardiac cath done, so on Wed my Mom and I will be going with him while hubby stays with the kids and does the school thing. We’re hoping he won’t need anything done and can come home that night but since it’s been nine years since he did have a heart attack we are realistic in the fact that he probably will have to have a stent put in and stay the night. So since I can’t just sit and do nothing I will be doing some sort of knitting project or needle punch so I don’t go crazy in the waiting room.I just pray that we don’t have a snowstorm to drive in. My Dad is a strong man so I know everything will be ok but the next week is just going to suck since I’m really not that great at waiting. So it will be a perfect time for me to work on some projects and stay busy so stay tuned for some craft related pics ( I hope). Oh yea and we’re supposed to get more snow tonight I don’t know where we’re going to put it I must get a pic of the snow bank for all of you living in warm areas it is truly crazy how much snow we have right now. At least the sun is shining.