Well the cousins have all arrived and we couldn’t be happier. My parents finally have all their children and their grandchildren under one roof. All though I’m sure they were glad to see most of us go home after dinner. Speaking of dinner I was able to get two of favorite men together for a shot my two big brothers who I love so much.100_1773.jpg
I must get a picture of the three of us together since the only one I could find was from when we were kids. Here’s the girls having a cuddle my two with the two Alaska ones.
Today we went Ice Skating but my camera was left in the car. Tonight we’re off to Mexican for dinner yummmm and tomorrow some other outdoor activity. Maybe cross country skiing. It doesn’t matter what we really do it’s just so fun to have the kids all together. Aunt S I thought you would enjoy the pics. Haven’t they gotten so big?!