Yea not much for the title today. Kids are fighting constantly, my stress level is thru the roof and I HATE winter break. If they want the kids to have a break give them an extra week at spring week. At least they can be outside more. Enough of my whining, I did manage to get this bag made and listed on etsy100_1766.jpg

it’s made from Capri Sun drink pouches and they’re the cutest things. Not to mention a great conversation piece. I love to use them when the kids have wet towels or suits in the summer but they also like to use them as their totes when going places. I’ve added ribbon to this hat and not sure if it’s any better100_1762.jpg

hubby says it’s looks to poofy but the style is supposed to be loose and comfy. The quilt is off the frame and awaiting binding100_1763.jpg 100_1764.jpg

I also managed to get one child outside100_1769.jpg unfortunately the girls are the ones I wanted OUT.I sure hope that tomorrow is an easier less stressful day. Thankfully the cousins arrive tomorrow so that should help break up things or else this Mommy is going to have a melt down. It’s February, dreary, cold, the time of year when most feel fat, so I think that pretty much sums up the mood here. Oh Spring please come soon.