First off I have to say that there isn’t much my hubby can’t fix. The laser on the frame wasn’t in need of a battery after all it was in need of a whole new laser. So hubby went off to the store and bought a new one and then rigged it specially since they don’t carry the original size I had. It works great and hopefully I will find some more time to quilt on the frame today. The two youngest have each had a birthday party to go to, one yesterday the other today so I’ve been making backpacks for them. Here’s one, the other one I forgot to photograph before giving it away.100_1757.jpg

I also started and finished this cute urchin beret from my new book called Twinkles Weekend Knits by Wenlan Chia. 100_1759.jpg100_1761.jpg

The hat is supposed to fit loose and has the “holes” built into the pattern but I’m not loving it. I may try adding some ribbon thru the holes and next time I may go down a needle size. It is a fast knit project but needs some tweaking. The book is fantastic and has a great sweater pattern I want to be brave and try but I’m still looking for just the right color yarn. I also finished this100_1758.jpg  my first attempt at needle punch. It wasn’t that hard and I like how it came out. I made it into a pillow and put some lavender in it so it smells  nice. This is going be a gift for my SIL Tashina who recently just gave us all a horrible scare. Or rather the jerk Dr did. After a routine exam that they found”something” and after doing more visual tests they told her she had breast cancer and needed a biopsy well first you should never tell someone they have cancer without more info. They told her she had a slim chance of it not being cancer. THANKFULLY she was lucky and the biopsy came back fine. After a week of all of us being very shaken up we were so happy to hear this news. So this little pillow is going to her as a talisman if you will for good luck not to mention I needed a project to do while being very stressed . Another good thing that came out of this scare is they realized they needed to see some family so on Wed they will all be arriving from Alaska, and man I can’t wait to give Tashina that hug in person and of course by brother and adorable nieces. My kids have all week off from school so we will be able to do some fun things all together while they’re here and then the following week the kids can play”sick” a little from school. Off to quilting tonight for some much needed Mommy time if the weather holds off (oh please hold off I need some time without kids.) Of course we’re supposed to get another ice storm, I don’t mind snow storms since then the kids can go play outside but ice is just a mess and then makes it so the kids have to stay indoors.  Off to shower and take one to a party.