Instead of it being a Snow Day the kids have off from school do more to an Ice day. It’s just gross out which is perfect for us to have a day of hibernating. My middle one was a little upset to not have school since she was supposed to have a field trip which she missed last time because of a snow day. I’m seeing a pattern here with this trip. Maybe the third time they will get lucky and get to go. Already today we have made this yummy Venison Vegetable Soup for dinner 100_1750.jpg
these yummy Choc Chip Cookies 100_1751.jpg these are my Moms recipe and no doubt will probably be gone by morning since they’re hubby’s favorite. We also have homemade bread baking to have with dinner. The beds are made the laundry is washing and of course a pile to be put away which that always seems to be the case. So now maybe I can find sometime to get some sewing done. The siblings however are feeling a little antsy today and have already had MANY arguments. Which of course is making a grumpy Mommy. I can hardly wait for next week when they’ re home for winter break.But we may be having some unexpected visitors from Alaska which would be fantastic. Still waiting to hear on that though. I’m keeping my finger crossed it would be such a great surprise and a much needed visit since it’s going on three years and I’m dying for some real hugs.