Well my shopping bug has been fulfilled for a while. 100_1728.jpg

My friend Lisa and were supposed to drive to VT to check out a new quilting and knitting store, well the weather is supposed to get very bad very quick and it was already raining and around freezing temp so we decided to go another time. Needing a fix there was NO way I was going home so I drove to one of my favorite quilting shops about 20min away and here’s what I got. I ended up with a cute Valentine table runner kit and the hearts already have the fusible backing on so all I have to do is sew, how great is that?!, We also have a hooking kit and hoop something that can keep me sane while the girls skate. Lisa you should try this. I picked up a cool handbag pattern from some new company called Melly and Me out of Australia and the shop I got all this at said they’re the only one around to carry it (even better) and I got a book called My Red Sofa by Atkinson designs. Oh yea and some red swaroski crystals which I just added to the bag I made yesterday. All in all I would say I hit jackpot this morning and I have gotten my fix for awhile. So since I don’t have Andrew for a few hours since he’s at a play-date I think Mommy’s going to go play with her new purchases.