So I’ve sewed a pattern that was in my stash for two years and also used fabric and batting from my stash and this is what I got.100_1721.jpg

A cute little snowmen wall-hanging. I also was able to knit up one little man’s sock hating the pattern but will make the mate so both his footsies will be warm.100_1718.jpg

The yarn is a great deep green. My favorite thing made recently was this bag designed by moi and for moi.100_1722.jpg 100_1723.jpg

Of course with it being rainy and yucky out the lighting isn’t that great and the only photographer around is this little cutie.100_1725.jpg

I think I have to stop his sisters from letting him watch Top Model with them, since now he’s wanting to “pose”me when I ask him to take a picture. My next sewing project????HMMMM I’m thinking it must be a quilt using fabric and pattern that I already have, now I have to just pick one.Yikes.