Wow this is my 50th post so I’m going to do a giveaway. I think I’m going to keep it a surprise to make it a little more interesting. So all you lurkers out there it’s time to de-lurk. I know you’re out there so don’t be shy. Leave me a comment before Wed and I will announce the winner sometime on Wednesday. I also have another milestone I finally was happy with something I sewed to wear. The previous two times have been a disaster but this time I finally got it. Yippy. I have already made notes on what I will do differently next time but I still will wear this one. The only thing I couldn’t live with is they have you use a hook and eye to close the back. WELL after re hooking it 10times before 8am I was ready to scream so my daughter who’s ten said well Mom why don’t you just put in a zipper. I said that’s a great idea but I’ve never really done a zipper without specific instructions so I decided to get my Starbucks and have at it.  I actually had the perfect color zipper in my stash must be fate so I pulled out my Janome manual looked up zippers attached the foot and voila I have a pretty good zipper that’s somewhat invisible. Here’s what the pattern was 100_1697.jpg

and here’s what I came up with.100_1713.jpg 100_1712.jpg

I’m thinking this could even have some length added and it would make a great sun dress. I know I had said I was going to use Amy Butler fabric but I chickened out so I may just have to make another one. It’s so comfy and also great at hiding those few extra pounds we seem to have in the winter.  I think I will have to try some more clothing projects since I’m now a little more confident.