With about five minutes to spare of Hubby pulling into the driveway last night I finished Moms gifts.whew. They were quickly packaged and loaded in the car for dinner. Here’s Mom with her Birthday goodies.100_1708.jpg100_1709.jpg
She was feeling shy but at least she posed. She ended up with a “flower garden” apron, note-taker in matching fabric for all those notes and lists she needs to keep and a homemade card. I’ve never really done the card thing before but it was fun and I like how it came out. Dinner was yummy and we had some extra entertainment from both the kids and adults. Next time I think the family in Alaska will be put on speaker phone so they can “enjoy” too. Here’s a pic of the new do and Andrew was the only one home to take a photo so consider the photographer and the fact that he had to “fix” Mommy’s hair first and this is what you get.100_1707.jpg
Hubby says it’s too short!! I like it but I think it makes me look older. Crap that wasn’t what I was going for. Oh well it always grows not to mention I’ve had it boy short before so I still consider it long. Off to take the kids snowshoeing since the ski mountain is to crowded today due to ski races going on.  Hopfully we can do this without the girls fighting. I won’t hold my breath.