Oh my it was -4 out this morning when I took the kids to school at 8am. BRRR. The sun is shining so at least it helps make thins feel a little warmer then they are. I did finish my “gloves” and love how they feel. I of course wore them this morning. Since the only one home to take a photo is my sweet 4yr old here’s what we got.100_1704.jpg

Not bad!! He then responded so do I get my own camera NOW. Yea no. But it’s good to know that if I need him to take a photo I know he can. I also got a nice email this morning from my Four Seasons Swap partner she got her gift and loves it. I’m so glad since it was so fun for me to do. I had been a faithful reader of her blog so when I found out I got to make her something I was thrilled. You can see her at http://www.quiltincorn.blogspot.com  On another note today is the most wonderful women in the world’s Birthday my MOMMY. So in honor of her we are having a family dinner for her tonight at my brothers. I will be sporting my new socks to keep my toes warm, and my new “gloves” to keep my hands warm, and also a new do. I treated my self to a haircut this morning and love how it came out. SO now for the afternoon I’m going to be sewing a little something for mom. She’s the hardest to buy/make for because she has everything and wants nothing. I do have a few simple ideas and of course no gift could ever compare to the “gifts” she gives us daily. Her love, her patience, her opinions (not always wanted) but always listened to. If I can be half as good a Mom to my little ones as she is to me I will consider myself and my kids lucky. Happy Birthday Mom!! I LOVE YOU.