Well the knitting needles have just been flying right a long on making thing this week. We have a pair of socks, yes it is hard to take a photo of your own feet.100_1695.jpg

I just love how they came out and they’re so cozy to wear. Not bad for a first pair. I also have finished one wristlet I really must find circular needles in the size needed while the dpn work they just take me longer. Still working on the second one.100_1698.jpg

It’s also hard to take a pic of your own hand. I managed to pick up this book the other day and love it.100_1696.jpg I have this on my list of things to make this week



I’m seeing Amy Butler fabric if I have enough.Hopefully this attempt won’t turn into a disaster like all my other attempts at sewing clothing. This book does seem very easy to follow and understand so I’m feeling pretty confident. Since the weather is quite chilly today I’m hoping to finish my second wristlet so I can wear them out and about. Tonight Hubby and I and some good friends are going out to dinner without kids. I’m so excited plus we’re trying a new place that has gotten great reviews.YUMMMM I don’t need to cook it, clean it, or wait on anyone. What could be sweeter than that?